It’s never been easier, cheaper or more beneficial to get online.  There are many opportunities and lots of choices to be made when it comes to creating and developing your digital presence.

Getting the right advice is essential when deciding how to create your online presence and we’re here to show you how.

Louise Honan, Founder of Ealing Digital.

Louise Honan, Ealing Digital

Born in Dublin, Louise now lives and works in Ealing, West London. She has over 19 years experience in the digital industry working with large and small companies in both Ireland and the UK.

With a degree in Archaeology & Classics and a  Masters degree in eBusiness, Louise is interested in technology and how it shapes our working and private lives.  She continues to enjoy a successful career working in a variety of sectors from retail, publishing, logistics, training and recruitment sectors.

Expert at defining, implementing and managing online B2B and B2C business projects. Louise founded Ealing Digital in 2014 so that she could work with “professionals, other business owners, creative types and generally very interesting people.”

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Brendan McCoy, Baravore ConsultingBrendan McCoy, Associate Director.

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, and Founder of Baravore Consulting, Brendan has over 15 years experience working with a variety of organisations from sole traders to multinational logistics companies.

From small businesses wishing to boost their online profile on social media to thriving online retail stores, Brendan can manage and develop social media tools, eCommerce functionality and provide the necessary training and consulting.

He is expert in web site management and development, digital marketing, social media training and consulting, brand and reputation management.

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